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Satva Botanicals

Sensi Soak

Sensi Soak

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Sensi Soak is a delightful combination of Himalayan, Solar and Epsom Salts, embellished with hand-zested organic lemon peel, dried Lavender, and Calendula blossoms from a local farm turns your bath time into a deeply therapeutic home spa experience.

- Pure Lavender and Citrus oils uplift and transform even the toughest of days.

- Flower essence blend lovingly nurtures your soul while soaking

TO USE: Add up to ½ cup into warm bath after filling. Swirl the salts in the warm water to disperse the oils. Enter the bath, breathe deeply, and let your stress melt away. We understand the need for a very steamy hot bath, but you’ll benefit more from the magnesium in this soak if you keep your tub more on the warm side of things, and not too hot.

For external use only.

Bath salt crystals made in small batches in Taos, New Mexico. 

Please call us for more information on the ingredient index. 505.692.4138. 

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