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Ojo Iconic Talistone

Ojo Iconic Talistone

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Ojo talistones are made of quartz, agate, and jasper, and have been naturally shaped by life-giving river water. Each is hand-selected and hand-carved.

For millennia, people of all cultures have valued beautiful talistones as symbolic treasures. Our carved stones come from an ancient river which for generations has been a pilgrimage site for those seeking lucky or magical stones. Some say that stones and symbols have power and they’re magic like talismans of ancient times. 

These carved stones feature Ojo's logo of concentric circles representing a pebble contacting water with its rings radiating outward into a ripple effect.

The Native Americans who thrived at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs would carve this symbol into the cliffside (known as a petroglyph), to signify where the sacred mineral waters were bubbling to the surface.

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