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Dryland Wilds

Piñon Plantwater Hydrosol

Piñon Plantwater Hydrosol

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Rest a minute under ancient trees with delicious piñon plantwater, harvested from New Mexico's high mountains and distilled in small batches. This plantwater is a soothing after-sun or after-wind spray that helps repair and protect skin with piñon resin or just a way to cool down on a hot day. Mist face and body to calm tender skin, ground yourself and go forward renewed.

Comes packaged in a 2.7 oz aluminum bottle. Contains distillation of wildcrafted piñon resin (Pinus edulis) and water; no synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients ever. 

Dryland Wilds creates handcrafted desert perfumes, body oils, lip tints and balms in their home state of New Mexico. Fragrance is extracted from dryland plants and blended with other wildcrafted botanicals to capture the true delight of the desert. As stewards of the land, Dryland Wilds helps to teach the many different uses of these native plants, searching for the most aromatic scents.

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