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Sacred Red Clay Mask

Sacred Red Clay Mask

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This beautiful red clay gets its coloring from the brilliant red mineral Hematite. Considered a natural type 1 collagen producer, Hematite regenerates the skin by building new, healthy layers to thinning skin. 

Red Clay has been used for centuries as a beautifying remedy that regenerates skin, minimizes facial scars and body stretch marks as well as  promotes healthy hair growth.

 As a face mask it is: Skin Renewing (collagen booster) , Pore Clearing, Exfoliating, 

As a body mask it is: Exfoliating, Stretchmark Healing

As a hair treatment it: Conditions hair, promotes growth, adds shine, soothes scalp

CLAY FACIAL or BODY MASK: Mix 2 teaspoons of powder per every 1 teaspoon water. Apply to dampened skin. Let dry. Rinse for an instant rejuvenation!

HAIR TREATMENT: Apply clay to clean, damp hair from root to tip. Allow to dry, rinse and enjoy your new shine!

 Scent Profile: 
No added fragrance - No Scent

Wildcrafted Red Clay

This listing is for (1) 4 ounce glass jar ( 3.09 oz dry weight)

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