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desert Mountain Medicine Tea

Santa Fe Sunset Tea Blend

Santa Fe Sunset Tea Blend

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Delicious tea blends inspired by sacred plants of the Northern New Mexico High Desert, evoke the spirit, aroma and flavors of this beloved land. We consider plants our herbal allies and look back to times when they were revered for their healing properties. Combining cherished local herbs and healing traditions, Desert Mountain Tea is intended to create an aromatic, flavorful, nourishing and calming ritual for your body and spirit.

Santa Fe, Pecos River, Tesuque, are precious lands steeped in history, serving as the colorful inspiration for each blend. Piñon, Juniper, Desert Sage, Lavender and Cota are regional herbs—respectfully wildcrafted or cultivated locally. All accompanying herbs and tea are certified organic and free trade. Teas are created in small batches, hand-packed from Santa Fe, NM and come in compostable pouches. Tea makes a very thoughtful gift to yourself or those you enjoy tea with.

  • The Teas come is a compostable resealable-pouch of 1.5 ounces of loose leaf ingredients & brews approximately 14 cups.
  • The Santa Fe Piñon Black and the Tesuque Morning both contain caffeine.
  • The Santa Fe Piñon Herbal, Pecos River, Chimayo Chile Citrus, and the Madrid Magic Tea are all caffeine-free.
  • These hand-packed Teas are created in small batches in Santa Fe, NM.
  • From Made in New Mexico.  Ships Next Business Day. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ingredients: Santa Fe Sunset Tea ingredients: Locally grown Cota, organic chamomile, organic hibiscus, organic rosehips, organic honey-bush.

Made by Desert Mountain Tea

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